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Batteries and the cold

Posted on May 13, 2015 at 8:51 PM Comments comments (261)
Batteries can die at any time of year but it's more likely in winter when cold temperatures hit car batteries with a triple-whammy:
power output drops
ability to accept a charge drops, so the battery doesn't recharge as quickly when you're driving
load increases – lights, blowers, wipers, heated seats, rear-screen heater etc are all used more
A helpful tip is to turn off your accessories before you crank you engine.  This reduces the intial load on cranking giving your battery the best chance of survival this Winter.  Once you've let the engine warm up then turn on heaters, demisters ect.  All these items work better and faster when the engine is warmer anyway. 
Call us now to have your battery checked and for peace of mind we have batteries with 42 months warranty if needed. We also do deep cylce and marine batteries. 34080043

Misfuelling your car and what to do!

Posted on May 13, 2015 at 8:48 PM Comments comments (501)
Ever put the wrong fuel in your car???
No 1 Rule if your in doubt DO NOT TURN YOUR ENGINE OVER
With the increase in diesel passenger cars available its becoming a common problem. Petrol in diesel engines acts as a solvent reducing lubrication and can cause damage to fuel pumps and in some cases if petrol is allowed to travel through to the engine complete break down which can result in needing a new engine. 
Always double check the fuel grade indicator on the pump before filling.
The risk of misfuelling is higher if:
you use an unfamiliar petrol station - don't assume hose colours are the same as your 'local' site
you switch between brands using different hose/nozzle colours and names of fuels 
you swap cars (using different fuel) at home or work - it's easy to 'forget' which car you're filling
you hire a car using different fuel to your normal car
you buy a new/second hand car using different fuel to your old car
you continue a conversation with passengers while filling up or worried about kids fighting in the car 
you are in a hurry/running late - is always a big problem try to plan ahead for rush moments 
Remember if in doubt DO NOT TURN YOUR ENGINE ON seek help immediately. Call us on 34080043 and arrange to have your fuel system looked at. A small fee for a tow truck is far better than thousands on a new engine! 

Maintaining Tyre life

Posted on April 22, 2015 at 6:49 PM Comments comments (434)
We all know how expensive Tyres are these days and its a cost that car owners have to face.  When you do purchase your new tyres it's a good idea to get a Wheel Alignment at the same time.  A Wheel Alignment is going to make sure your steering is set at the correct specifications for your car.  Alignment can be out for a number of reasons, worn steering parts, potholes in the road or that dreaded gutter rash when you accidentally hit the kerb.  If  your alignment is out your tyres will wear inconsistently and you could be up for new tyres faster than you expected.  If you are wrestling with your steering wheel and the car feels like its pulling left or right its time to see us for a wheel alignment and tyre inspection.  Correct tyre pressure at all times is another reason tyres wear faster than you would expect.  Under inflated tyres can cause your tyres to loose thousand of  klms of life.  Inside the drivers door of nearly every vehicle in Australia is a tyre plaque.  This plaque tells you what size tyres are legal for your car and what tyre pressure you should maintain.  Get to know this plaque and if your not sure pop in to Island Auto Repairs and we can explain it to you.  Over inflation can cause your tyres to be stressed and the side walls to become split so if  you are not sure how to use a tyre guage call in and we can show you how.  These simple tips can save you money not only on your tyres but your fuel ecomony as well.  One last tip is to check your tread wear indicator.  This small lug between your tread is your indictor when its time to change your tyres call in at Island Auto Repairs and we can explain to you how to check for yourself.   Just ask Dutto he has all the answers.  

Keep your car cool this summer

Posted on November 27, 2012 at 6:24 PM Comments comments (385)
To help keep your car cool this summer remember to have your coolant checked.  An engine which is running at an incorrect temperature can cost you thousands in fuel and repair costs.  If you consider for every litre of fuel burnt in your system only 28% approx is used to create power anything which helps your cars engine run more efficiently has got to be great.  Coolant should be checked regularly to ensure it has not become acidic which will cause much harm to precious running gear.  By Australian standards it is law that all coolant have a colorant added to see even if you see green or red in your radiator does not automatically mean it is working correctly.  At Island Auto Repairs every car which comes in to our shop for a service is checked to make sure it is within the proper range of working order.  Help your car this summer and change your coolant to ensure correct running order.

Tyre Wear

Posted on July 22, 2011 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (198)
Did you know that improper tyre pressure can wear your tyres out dramatically?  To save on fuel cost and tyre wear check your tyre pressure when you fill up with petrol or pop into Island Auto Repairs and see Chris and he will check it for you. 

Getting a Tax refund?

Posted on June 23, 2011 at 10:51 PM Comments comments (200)
The best way to spend that bonus tax refund is to spend it on the thing that carries the most precious cargo....YOU.  We often neglect the tyres and servicing because we think it wont really matter but seriously do you want to take the chance that those brakes fail at a crucial time?  A simple and fast check will give you peace of mind.